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The Heart &
Mind Of The Company

Headcount – 72 people

Employees Years of Service

20 Years In Service.


10 Years To 15 Years.


More Than Two Years In Akty.


Our Certification

ISO 9001 since 23rd August 2003 | ISO 14001 since 7th September 2007


Established in year 2001 as an offshoot of HITACHI METALS ELECTRONICS (M) SDN BHD., then a major producer of magnetic heads (CSA, Thin Film, MR and GMR) for the computer hard disk drive industry.

  • From year 2002 to 2015 had been a major producer of critical micro components for the isolators used in the mobile handphones.
  • From year 2016 onwards, produce similar micro components for isolator use in the 4G/5G base stations.
  • From year 2005 expanded into niche engineering services such as lapping, grinding, polishing to achieve critical surface finish with acute flatness, roughness and high gloss.

Our Motto

We think and act WISELY, we continuously upgrade our KNOWLEDGE and we sustain the DETERMINATION to face all challenges and fully CERTAIN to meet our goals.

Company Strength

Loyal, dedicated and experience manpower

Highly trained QC Inspectors

Well-maintained Japanese made machines such as Takatori, Nachi, Okamoto etc

Located in the Free Trade Zone